About Us

The Sustainable Ewing Green Team is composed of a group of concerned Ewing residents dedicated to building a sustainable community in Ewing Township.  Current Board


The Team was established in 2009 by municipal resolution SustainableEwingResolution [Resolution Authorizing the Participation and Registration in the Sustainable Jersey Municipal Certification Program – April 14, 2009] under the auspices of the Ewing Environmental Commission and was co-chaired by John Hoegl and Peter Boughton.

We received our first Sustainable Jersey Bronze level certification in November 2013.  Since that time the team has been engaged in a community visioning project to create a comprehensive community sustainability plan, in partnership with Ewing Township, the Ewing Environmental Commission, the Township Planner, TCNJ representatives and other community stakeholders.  Our strategic plan should be forthcoming next year.


The mission of the Ewing Green Team [EGT] is to promote environmental best practices to help Ewing go green, save money, and take steps to sustain our community’s quality of life over the long term.

Our Recycling Campaign in Ewing

The Sustainable Ewing Green Team encourages Ewing residents to do their part in reducing their contributions to the landfills by recycling.  We believe that the transformation of our throw-away life style to a more environmentally responsible one is essential to meet the challenges for future generations.   This site was created with the idea of making it easier to accomplish by identifying and then creating this online resource of recycling options for our residents.

We believe that recycling plays an important part in conserving our natural resources.  The purpose of this site is to:

  • Encourage greater participation in recycling practices by:
    • Identifying recycling opportunities and facilities for our residents
  • Work to create new recycling opportunities.
  • Provide educational recycling programs for the community.

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