Guide to Recyclables — Used Motor Oil

Motor oil is a hazardous material and should never go in curb-side recycling or in trash. Please read below for proper disposal.  See also the NJ DEP brochure for additional information.

*Used Motor Oil Fact* —  Used motor oil can be re-refined into motor oil that’s as good as new, or reprocessed as industrial boiler fuel.

How to:
  1. Do not spill any oil on the ground.
  2. Put your used motor oil in a clean plastic container with a tight lid. Never store used oil in a container that once held chemicals, food, or beverages.
  3. Do not mix the oil with anything else, such as antifreeze, solvent, or paint.
  4. Take used motor oil to a service station or other location that collects used motor oil for recycling (see below for list).

Mercer County Improvement Authority

Chemical Waste Disposal Days
Used motor oil should be taken to the Mercer County Household Chemical Waste Disposal Days that run three times a year.  See MCIA site for schedule or look for event posted on the EGT website calendar.

Drop Off site
John T. Dempster Fire Training School
Bakers Basin Lawrence Station Rd
Lawrence Twp.  08648

Auto Zone
1751 Olden Ave,
Ewing/Trenton, NJ 08638

Most AutoZone stores accept used motor oil, transmission fluid, gear oil and automotive batteries.

All Bridgestone-Firestone Service Centers accept used motor oil.  Bring it in closed containers, during business hours, and take the empty containers away with you.

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