Guide to Recyclables — Food

Approximately 14.5% of our trash is composed of food waste according to the EPA’s 2012 solid waste report.   This includes food waste of all types, meat, dairy, as well as vegetative matter.  A major benefit to the waste cycle is composting of the vegetative waste part of the food stream in our own compost piles.   Materials that can be composted include vegetable scraps, egg shells, paper towels, left-over rice, pasta, or bread. Don’t include oils, dairy, or meats.  Check out our composting page for more information.

Heads up on Food Waste Recycling in Mercer County

A number of municipalities have instituted/are working on Organic Food Waste Recycling projects in Mercer County.  Princeton has a food recycling project in place for a number of years now and almost 1100 families are currently enrolled.  Lawrence Township is also in the process of getting their project off the ground.   Let’s plan to get Ewing involved too!

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