Guide to Recyclables — Insecticides, Fertilizers and other Garden Chemicals

The EGT recommends that you eschew garden chemicals and  use organic gardening methods for maintaining your property.  These methods work in cooperation with nature.  Yard health starts with the soil.  If you build your soil you will create the perfect home for growing plants naturally along with the insect populations that live off of and sustain them and which in turn support birds and other wildlife.  Chemical fertilizers and insecticides interfere with building the relationship between the soil and its underlying micro-organisms by killing off all insects and destroying the balance.

How to Build your soil in brief…

  • Composting (See our composting page for a fuller description.)
    This includes collection of as many biodegradable wastes from your property as feasible and includes:

Having decided to garden organically (or not), you will probably need to get rid of chemicals that do not belong in the waste stream.  These include fertilizers, weed killers, pool cleaners, insecticides, rat poisons, etc.   These chemicals must by disposed properly to avoid introducing harmful levels to the environment and water supply.

Dispose of at the Mercer County Household Chemical Waste Disposal Day.

Source: MCIA | Ewing Twp. Dept. Public Works

Mercer County Improvement Authority

Chemical Waste Disposal Days
Garden chemicals should all be taken to the Mercer County Household Chemical Waste Disposal Days that run three times a year.  See MCIA site for schedule or look for event posted on the EGT website calendar.

Drop Off site
John T. Dempster Fire Training School
Bakers Basin Lawrence Station Rd
Lawrence Twp.  08648

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