Guide to Recyclables — Household Cleaning Products

“Better Living through Chemistry” has brought us the modern standard of living and eased our lives. But decades of thoughtless usage and disposal has caused incalculable damage to ourselves and our planet. Household cleaning products may be the most toxic everyday items that we use. It’s time to rethink and use non-toxic substitutes to reduce your impact on the environment. THE TOP 10 HOUSEHOLD OFFENDERS How many of these products, considered ten of the worst household cleaning products, are in your home?

  • Drain cleaners
  • Oven cleaners
  • Toilet cleaners
  • Spot removers
  • Metal polishes
  • Furniture polishes
  • Cleansers and powdered cleaners
  • Window cleaners
  • Bleach Liquid cleaners
  • Carpet Cleaners

Most of these cleaning products consist of some pretty harsh and very environmentally damaging chemicals. They go down the drain and flow through the sewage system to a treatment plant (or into your septic tank), and then the water is expelled back into the water system.

Green Your Cleaning

Check the following for tips for cleaning in a more environmentally friendly manner.  [FYI – We highly recommend the effectiveness of vinegar and baking soda!]

Dispose of at the Mercer County Household Chemical Waste Disposal Day.

Source: MCIA | Ewing Twp. Dept. Public Works

Mercer County Improvement Authority

Chemical Waste Disposal Days
Household chemical cleaners should all be taken to the Mercer County Household Chemical Waste Disposal Days that run three times a year.  See MCIA site for schedule or look for event posted on the EGT website calendar.

Drop Off site
John T. Dempster Fire Training School
Bakers Basin Lawrence Station Rd
Lawrence Twp.  08648

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