Guide to Recyclables — Paper

paperrecyclablesThe paper category consists of newspapers, catalogs, junk mail, plain paper, colored paper, books, cards and envelopes, cardboard, all of which can be easily recycled.  It is a profitable industry and so is something that is readily collected in most curbside recycling programs.  There is an additional incentive to recycle newspapers in New Jersey  because it is required by law.

Curbside Paper Recycling

In Mercer County we have a single stream curbside collection program.  So mixed paper, meaning that newspaper, junk mail, sheets of paper, catalogues and envelopes can all be put together into the same recycling container.   In Mercer County curbside recycling has been simplified to the extreme.  ALL recyclables can now be mixed in a single container – plastics and bottles as well as mixed paper.

Paper that you can recycle in Mercer County

  • Paper: mixed paper, office paper, envelopes (windows are acceptable)
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Telephone books, “soft” cover books
  • Hard cover books (hard cover must be removed and put in trash)

Other Paper

Other paper consists of paper towels, tissues, food containers (such as pizza boxes) and paperboard packaging boxes such as cereal boxes, tissue boxes, and other thin food packing boxes.

Tissues and Paper Towels

Tissues and paper towels are not recyclable materials for curbside pickup because they are designed to absorb refuse of unknown origins which may or may not be recyclable.  Tissues can potentially spread disease to staff at the recycling station.  Paper towels are most commonly used to clean or wipe up food spills.  This makes them inappropriate for curbside pickup. Depending upon their usage you may be able to add them to your compost or worm bins.  A more ideal option would be to REDUCE their usage with washable cloths or handkerchiefs.

Food Packaging Boxes

Boxes such as pizza boxes contain oily pizza residue and are not to be included with your curbside pickup.  You might cut them up and include in your worm bin.  Otherwise, trash them.

Other paperboard packaging boxes such as the cereal boxes and tissue boxes noted above that have not been contaminated with food residue can be recycled through your curbside pickup.

Document Shredding

You should protect your privacy by shredding your important papers rather than including them in your curbside recycling collection.  Ewing Township conducts three document shredding events annually.  This is a completely safe and secure way to clean out those old checks, bills, and any confidential documents that need proper disposal. This service is available to Ewing residents only.  For more information please feel free to call the Ewing Public Works Department at 609-882-3382.

Ewing Township Shred Days in 2016

The following Shred dates have been selected for 2015.

Dates:  Saturdays,  April 23rd and October 22nd
Times: 9am – 1pm
Locations: Ewing Municipal Building, 2 Jake Garzio Drive, and Ewing Municipal Building, 2 Jake Garzio Drive

Come out and meet the Green Team at these events.


You can recycle your unwanted books thru the curbside collection program as noted above.  However,  the EGT encourages you to select REUSE option from the 3Rs and find a new home for your books.  Libraries are delighted to receive books in good condition to raise money thru their book sales, or for their collections.

Mercer County Library – Ewing Branch
61 Scotch Road
Ewing, NJ 08628

Donations will be gratefully accepted for either use in the library’s collection (if it fits their collection development policy) or the Friends of the Library Book Sales.

Goodwill Store
1628 Olden Ave.
Ewing, NJ 08638

Hours (Retail Store and Donations):
Mon –  Sat 9am – 9pm
Sun  10am – 6pm

Will accept books  for donations.

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