Styrofoam Collection in Hopewell on Sat, Sept 19

recycleimageOur neighbors in Hopewell are sponsoring a Styrofoam collection date and residents of neighboring towns have been invited to participate.  We are happy to report that it is drawing near and has been scheduled for Saturday, September 19.  The items to be collected will include Styrofoam, CDs, DVDs, and wine bottle corks.

Jointly sponsored by the Hopewell Valley Green Team and the Pennington & Hopewell Township Environmental Commissions, these items will be accepted at the NEW Pennington Borough Public Works Building on North Main Street from Noon to 3pm.  Styrofoam packing material, especially blocks, sheets and coolers, will be taken to RayBob Packaging in Bristol, PA. Styrofoam egg cartons will also be collected for delivery to an Dolco Packaging, an egg carton manufacturer in Somerville.

There are important exceptions at this collection. Spongy sheets of packing material can NOT be accepted. (They are a slightly different material and can’t be used by our recycler.)  RayBob puts our material directly into a shredder and then sells the bits of styrofoam to companies that make toys, dog beds, etc.  So, it is important that items be very clean – no staples, tape, stickers, and nothing that has contained food.

Packing peanuts will also NOT be accepted this time; instead, residents are encouraged to return packing penults to their favorite shipping store where they can be reused immediately.

Old CDs and DVDs tapes will be delivered to Back Thru the Future in Franklin, NJ.   Free CDs that come in the mail, outdated software, and DVDs with corrupted files can really pile up! This is a chance to get rid of those disks and still keep them out of the landfill.  Plastic jewel cases will also be accepted if they are empty and have no paper inserts. Please note that we can no longer accept VHS and Audio Tapes.

Does it feel “wrong” to throw out a wine bottle cork? September 19 is your chance to recycle them instead.  They should be made of real cork – not synthetic – since they will be sent to Yemm & Hart, a cork tile manufacturer in Fredericktown, MO.

All Hopewell Valley residents and our nearby neighbors are welcome to participate.  Materials should be delivered on September 19 to the New Pennington Borough Public Works Building on North Main Street. Check the Green Team website for updates at:

Submitted by Joann Held of the Hopewell Valley Green Team

EGT Produces New Ewing Recycling Map

Chick on map for full sized PDF – 2 pages

Want to do your bit to help out the environment?  Recycling is something that everyone can do.  However, sometimes you just don’t know what can be recycled and where.  The EGT has tried to answer those questions with a new recycling map that focuses on Ewing Township.   Find out where the all the clothing donation bins are in town, where you can recycle plastic bags, drop off wire hangers and much more.  The Ewing Public Works Department is also a great resource for recycling and the map also highlights items that are accepted there.  Check out it out!  We hope that you will find it useful.

Jack Stephan Way Brush Drop Off Site Temporarily Closed

Township Announcement

As per a Ewing Township announcement,  the Jack Stephan Way brush drop off facility will be temporarily closed from May 28th until June 6th.  This temporary closing is required to allow staff to mulch the accumulated brush. During this time your brush should be placed in biodegradable bags and placed at the curb. These bags will be picked up the day after your regular garbage collection.

This wonderful service is obviously well used and is certainly appreciated by users. The EGT hopes that more township residents will become aware of the option to drop their brush off themselves.  All will appreciate the cleaner streets and reduced garbage costs resulting.

EGT Launches New Recycling Info Depot

The Ewing Green Team encourages Ewing residents to do their part in reducing their contributions to the landfills by recycling. We believe that the transformation of our throw-away life style to a more environmentally friendly one is essential to meet the challenges for future generations. This site was created with the idea of making it easier to accomplish by identifying and then creating this online resource of recycling options for our residents.

We believe that recycling plays an important part in conserving our natural resources. The purpose of this site is to:

  • Encourage greater participation in recycling practices by:
    • Identifying recycling opportunities and facilities for our residents
    • Identifying reusing opportunities and facilities for our residents
  • Work to create new recycling opportunities.
  • Provide educational recycling programs for the community.