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MCIA Hazardous Waste Disposal Day – Friday and Saturday, September 18 and 19

The  Mercer County Improvement Authority (MCIA) will hold a hazardous waste disposal day Friday and  Saturday, September 18th and 19th   at the John T. Dempster Fire School, Lawrence Station Rd in Lawrence Twp. Fridays hours will be from noon – 5 pm and Saturdays will be from 8 am – 3 pm.

COVID-19 Protocols

  • Limit one person per vehicle
  • All residents must remain in their vehicles at all times with their windows closed
  • Disposal items must be placed in the trunk or the back of the vehicle, cannot be in passenger seat
  • Containers will not be returned

Accepted for recycling are the following:

Aerosol Cans | Used Motor Oil |Propane Gas Tanks | Pesticides & Herbicides | Car Batteries | Paint Thinner | Oil Based Paint | Stains & Varnishes | Gasoline | Anti-Freeze | Driveway Sealer | Insect Repellents | Mercury | Fluorescent & CFL Bulbs | Computers | Printers | Copiers | Fax Machines | Stereos | Televisions | Microwaves

Materials Not Accepted:

NO LATEX PAINT | NO Heating Oil | NO Infectious Waste| NO Radioactive Materials NO Explosives or Munitions | NO Railroad Ties | NO Asbestos | NO Tires | NO Wood | NO Fencing | NO Air Conditioners | NO Helium or Oxygen Tanks | NO Unknowns

Accepted Electronics

Computers | Printers | Copiers | Fax Machines | Stereos | Televisions | Microwaves

For more information call 609-278-8086 or visit

Tips for Recycling Your Christmas Tree

Next week we will be seeing that holiday staple, the Christmas tree, that gave its all for Christmas cheer, forlorn and discarded by the hundreds at the curbside.   Ewing Township, of course, collects your tree at the curb for recycling into mulch to be used around local parks, however, there are also many environmentally- and taxpayer-friendly ways you can use your tree on your own property.

Reuse your Christmas tree around your home and in your yard this winter and not only will you nourish the landscape, providing valuable resources and habitat for the environment, but you can also help reduce staff time with tree pickup, saving taxpayer dollars.

  • Winter mulch
    Evergreens provide winter insulation for tender plants in your yard and reduce frost heaving. Cut the boughs from the tree and place them over any delicate plants for the winter.   They also help alleviate the weight of snow on branches that might otherwise break from the added load.
  • Mulch with the needles
    Needles from your tree dry out quickly and decompose slowly.  They make an excellent mulch for the garden.  Pine needles are full of nutrients that can reduce the PH of your soil if its more alkaline.  Many on a branch fall off the boughs placed in the beds during the winter.
  • Brush Pile for Wildlife Habitat
    Wildlife need snug hiding places and protection from winter weather. Make a small brush pile from the boughs in a back corner of your yard and create a safe place to support our threatened vanishing wildlife.  Or leave your tree intact and place it in its stand outdoors.  Fill it with bird feeders hung from the boughs.  Again, this makes a wonderful addition to wintertime habitat for a variety of small animals such as birds, rabbits, and squirrels…
  • Firewood
    You can use your tree as firewood, but not right away. The wood is wet and can pose a fire hazard. Cut your tree up and let it dry out and then use in an outdoor fire pit.  It’s not good with an inside fireplace, but works well outside.
  • Fresheners
    Make a sachet from the tree’s pine needles to keep that Christmas scent in your home throughout the New Year.
  • Fish feeders
    Sunk into private fish ponds, trees make an excellent refuge and feeding area for fish.
  • Coasters
    The creative and crafty among us can make round coasters from the trunk.

These are just a few suggestions garnered from our own usage and around the web.  Perhaps you can think of more.

The Ewing Green Team hopes you all had a great holiday season and sends best wishes for  a wonderful New Year.


EGT Launches New Recycling Info Depot

The Ewing Green Team encourages Ewing residents to do their part in reducing their contributions to the landfills by recycling. We believe that the transformation of our throw-away life style to a more environmentally friendly one is essential to meet the challenges for future generations. This site was created with the idea of making it easier to accomplish by identifying and then creating this online resource of recycling options for our residents.

We believe that recycling plays an important part in conserving our natural resources. The purpose of this site is to:

  • Encourage greater participation in recycling practices by:
    • Identifying recycling opportunities and facilities for our residents
    • Identifying reusing opportunities and facilities for our residents
  • Work to create new recycling opportunities.
  • Provide educational recycling programs for the community.